Alva Tracy

In late 1957 Alva Tracy started training in Kenpo under James Ibrao and then under Ed Parker.  The Tracy brothers excelled at the martial arts and would quickly become Ed Parkers main instructors, running most of the classes at Ed Parkers school.

Al Tracy was promoted to the rank of Shodan early 1962.  In 1962 the Tracy Brothers opened their school and to this day continue to teach the original Kenpo they learned from Ed Parker circa 1957-1962. Al Tracy has a amazing ability to teach Kenpo, he is like no other instructor I have ever worked with. He has the ability to bring out the best in a student, he does this not by giving complements but by making the student excel and the student feels that they are doing it correctly.  He truly understands psychology and this allows him to teach at a different level. He has been selfless in bringing traditional Kenpo to more people then any other organization.  He helps instructors setup a proper school teaching high quality private lessons, which allows them to make a living while doing what they love.

In the time period between 1962 and 1964 the art of Kenpo was systematically organized into techniques with names like “Crossing Talon”, “Dance Of Death”, etc. The Tracy system had 40 techniques Orange through Green and 30 techniques for Brown for a total of 190 techniques.  The Tracy system has gone through organizational changes throughout the years since 1964, the last change major change was in 1985 with the reorganization of the techniques with 30 per belt, taught based on the placement in the Kata.